About us

We are working on an international version of the shop in English language. This will take a few months. Meanwhile, if you are interested buying a watch your order will be guided in English. In this case please select the English flag right on top.

Passion for Chronographs

We share the passion for classic mechanical watches with our customers; this is the first priority of Classic Watch. Our target is to offer an exquisite selection of brands with the best Price/Value relation with very high individual claim. Those watch brands aren’t easy to get, on top in many cases the choice is small. If we offer a special watch brand, we carry the full range. Most of the models are on stock and if not they will be manufactured to our customers specification. We also help with limited editions and search if there are special requests.

Classic Watch Bernd-Joachim Hoffmann

Trustworthy – fast – safe

With classic watch you sit in the first row. Our customers are well known companies and we also serve prominent VIPs’. We are looking for satisfied clients and long term relations. B.J. Hoffmann is standing with his name for competence and trust. As a successful leading managing director in the tire business, he has more than 30 years of experience when it comes to his hobby of being a watch collector. This passion guided him to the watch business. Classic Watch is a high class authorized merchant of the watch manufacturers which are offered in the shop. The shipment is fast and will be well protected. All watches we ship are insured related to the value of the watch. Our partner for insurance and shipment is “Parcel Broker” and “UPS”. Please click here and you will get the information in which countries we ship. If you don’t find your country please call us or send us a mail, in order to tell you the shipping fee incl. insurance related to the watch you want to buy.

Competent Consultation

Our Tel. Hotline is: +49/ (0) 6053 / 809569 or through our Mail-Service info@classic-watch.de.
You get all information and guidance you require.

We talk German, English and Spanish. You can also visit us after appointing a date.
Please note that all our watches are not located at the residence of our office. They are in separate warehouses.

Classic Watch Uhren

Service for satisfaction

Classic Watch wants highly satisfied customers. We do not only guide and consult your buying process; we also try to give you and extra service, specified for your own personal needs.

With promotions: Like the Maybach Excelero Project book
Birthday service: With personal delivery
Factory guarantee: If the is a special problem with your watch, we take care with the service departments of our watch manufacturers
Individuality: Our watches are a symbol of Lifestyle and good taste. Customize your watch with different accessories. Choose a watch strap that fits your own taste or engrave your watch for a special occasion, which can be done on the backside or on the rotor. We also offer special packaging for any occasion; just let us know we will find a solution.