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Based in Frankfurt am Main, the manufacturer Sinn is internationally renowned for its high-quality specialist watches. In addition to distinctive chronographs, diver watches, pilot watches, nautical watches and rally watches, Sinn also produces classic and plain models. The Sinn watch brand has been producing watches for the market for half a century. This longstanding German manufacturer was founded by Helmut Sinn in 1961.
Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH produces highly-functional and modern mechanical wristwatches.
The Sinn brand offers new technological solutions for highly specialised fields of use and is regarded as one of the most innovative manufacturers in the watch trade. Sinn chronographs are real works of art and a must for all those that are interested in watch craftsmanship. At the time of its founding Sinn was still focused on the manufacture of on-board navigation clocks and pilot chronographs, inspired by pilot and blind-flight instructor Helmut Sinn. Today Sinn is active in many areas and also equips racing drivers, explorers and sportsmen with rally chronographs and diver watches. Specialist watches such as pilot watches in particular have requirements that can only be satisfied by a specialist such as Sinn. Influenced by its IWC experience, Sinn watches are now famed as a genuine engineer brand with numerous technical refinements and characteristic features. These include titanium case, AR and TEGIMENT technology, lubricant-free escapement etc.
Sinn is particularly acclaimed for its technical functions. The robust pilot watches and pilot chronographs are not only suitable for everyday use and equipped with unadorned cases, they are also highly-functional chronographs with pilot bezel and mechanical movement with automatic winder. The polished stainless steel case fits seamlessly into the overall concept. Naturally, as pilot watches these small masterpieces are resistant to pressure and underpressure at great altitudes. Many of the technically highly-refined timepieces from Sinn offer AR dehumidifying technology, solid back, butterfly folding clasp or, on request, a display of the English weekday. The dehumidifying technology is a Sinn technology for reducing the ageing process in a mechanical watch.
Alongside the classic pilot watches the nautical watches from Sinn are also famed for their technical highlights. For the chronographs, these include the tide bezel. The ability to read the relative water levels of a location make this watch ideal for holidaymakers, people hiking across tidal flats and, above all, boating enthusiasts. With a nautical watch from Sinn it is suffice to set the time of the last high tide using the bezel in order to see the current and expected water levels, as well as the next high tide.
Whether it is intended for divers, boating enthusiasts or sportsmen - the watches are a science in their own right. The Sinn rally or sports chronographs, for example, are superbly functional, offering an integrated tachymeter scale and an additional time zone. This makes them ideally suitable for frequent flyers and world travellers. Best known are the classic chronographs from Sinn, the highly-functional wristwatches with stopwatch function.


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