For more than 30 years, Alexander Shorokhoff has stood for fascinating design innovations combined with elaborate craftsmanship and exceptional design. With the AVANTGARDE collection, carried by the philosophy "art on the wrist", the watch designs break with all specifications and guidelines. Alexander Shorokhov personally develops the design for his creations, but the direction, colors and shapes of the exceptional AVANTGARDE line have their roots in classical modernism.

Each wristwatch in the collection has a hand-engraved, refined, precision mechanical movement and its craftsmanship makes it unique. A highly qualified team, from the master watchmaker to the engraver, dedicates the utmost care to each watch, in order to obtain, at the end of the manufacturing process, a watch that is qualitative and artistic in every respect, and that will retain its value thanks to its uniqueness.

The handmade, award-winning watches from the family-run watch manufactory "Alexander Shorokhoff" represent courage, innovation and art in high-quality finishing. Their exceptional creativity is unparalleled and provides a surprise


Alexander Shorokhov, CEO Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur, Alzenau


Manufacturing and production process:

Hand engravings: (Banner)

The elaborate hand engravings and finishing are carried out on site at the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufactory.


Assembly: (Banner)

Precise assembly - „one man, one watch“

Each master watchmaker is responsible for a single watch, from start to finish.

Testing: (Banner)

At the end, the respective master watchmaker checks, certifies and signs all data concerning rate deviation, amplitude and water resistance of the watch.